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Foxconn MB-D52S Atom Dual-core D525/ Intel NM10/ DDR2/ A&v&gb E/ Mini-itx Motherboard

MBD52S Atom Dualcore D525 Intel NM10


Model: D52S
UPS: 683562110884
Package Quantity: 1

Shopping to buy a new main board? Check out the MBD52S Atom Dualcore D525 Intel NM10 by Foxconn! I certainly loved that the motherboard has the feature of cpu: intel atom dual-core d525 processor. Additional features include chipset: intel nm10 and form factor: mini-itx. 0683562110884 is the bar code for this main board. The motherboard dimensions are 6.75"H x 6.75"L x 1.3"W. To get the same discount I came across, click on the market button below.


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