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Msi Motherboard H61I-E35 Core I7/I5/I3 H61 LGA1155 DDR3 Sata Pci Express Mini-itx Retail

Motherboard H61IE35 Core I7I5I3 H61
Msi Motherboard H61IE35 Core I7I5I3 H61 LGA1155 DDR3 Sata Pci Express Miniitx Retail Image 1Msi Motherboard H61IE35 Core I7I5I3 H61 LGA1155 DDR3 Sata Pci Express Miniitx Retail Image 2


Model: H61I-E35-B3
UPS: 999993031385
Package Quantity: 1

I certainly liked that it has usb 2. 0 ports (rear): 4 audio ports (rear): 3 vga max share memory (mb): 1024. It's dimensions are 2.36" Height x 7.87" Length x 7.87" Width and has a weight of 2.2 lbs. The EAN-13 code for this is 4719072218232. Motherboard h61i-e35 core i7/i5/i3 h61. To order this product now at the cheapest price, check out the button.

Direct X: DX10. 1; Form Factor: Mini-ITX; VGA Max Share Memory (MB) : 1024; Direct X: DX10. The MSI Military Class II series products supply the long lifespan, unparalleled quality, extreme performance and ultimate effectiveness. HDMI v1. Military Class II Concept The perfect trinity of quality, stability and efficiency all exist at one mainboard to meet end user expectations. For providing the highest quality products, we built-in Solid CAP inside the total Military Class series. Compare with traditional choke, the Super Ferrite Chokes run at a 35 degree Celsius lower temperature. 1; Form Factor: Mini-ITX. 4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is new generation totally digital video/audio interface which can transfer 1080p High-Definition video and Audio output in single compact connector. Supporting HDCP copy protection for example Blu-ray Discs, HDMI offers you with the highest-quality residence theater experience. Solid CAP 10 years lengthy lifespan. SFC SFC (Super Ferrite Choke ). The super Ferrite Chokes use a Ferrite core that is Super-Permeable. This not only makes bursting capacitors a non-issue but additionally ensures a dramatically extended lifetime and ultra-low ESR. B3 Stepping Ready To fix Intel's 6 Series chipset design error, the SATA problems in its 6 Series chipset, MSI implements the newest Intel B3 Stepping 6 Series chipset on its P67/H67 mainboards for fixing SATA problems in the Intel Series 6 chipsets.


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